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    END_TIME column in FND_LOGINS has a value before user log out (sometimes)


      The FND_LOGINS table records when users login and logout, or so I thought.


      We have noticed that the END_TIME column in FND_LOGINS sometimes gets populated with a date/time before the user session has actually logged out.


      Unfortunately this is a inconsistent issue: one day it works as you would expect and END_TIME is populated only when the user logs out; other days we

      see END_TIME has a timestamp when the user clicks on a menu to open a framework screen, or a menu to open a form.


      This seems to be remarkably inconsistent, for example on Friday I logged into our test system and was able to reproduce the problem every time, when I returned on

      Monday and followed exactly the same sequence of clicks, the problem didn't occur.


      I was testing to see if the issue was caused by the user session hitting a 30 minute timeout, however last Friday I could reproduce the problem instantly without waiting

      for this.


      I am wondering if the problem is related to Internet Explorer caching but thought I would ask to see if anybody has any ideas or had seen this elsewhere.




      EBS 12.2.5 + ATG_PF.C.7 + AD.C.10 +TXK.C.10

      Server OS : AIX 7.1

      Client : IE11 + Windows 10