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    Box Plot Series Name Bug

    Ian Geis

      Hi all,


      This is my first ever post so I am very excited to be leaning on the community!


      I have been running into an issue while attempting to create a Box Plot chart in my Test Workspace here (Username: guest, Password: Acc3ss123). The issue I will be discussing focuses on Page 5, 'Box Plot Test'. Note the first two regions (Box Plot Chart Regions) and the last region (raw data in an Interactive Report) at the bottom of the page. The first region titled 'Without Series Specified' is a box plot that does not have a column mapped to the 'Series Name', and the chart displays as expected. The second region titled 'With Series Specified' is a box plot that has the column 'CASTING_CODE' mapped to the 'Series Name', and the chart does not find any data to display due to the error on the page. The third region, again, is the raw data directly supplied to the box plots.


      You will notice an error message stating 'Ajax call returned server error ORA-00904: "CASTING_CODE": invalid identifier for .' when Page 5 ('Box Plot Test') loads (as seen below). I have not found any valuable or relevant information on this error as all literature for that error code points to the column name not complying to Oracle standards, which it does comply to.

      2019-08-12 16_24_28-Window.png

      I have isolated this error to when I attempt to assign a column to the 'Series Name' field in 'Column Mapping' while editing the Box Plot Chart Series. As you can see in the image below, I select the column 'CASTING_CODE' as the 'Series Name'.

      2019-08-12 16_35_02-Window.png

      When I assign a 'Series Name', I expect to see a box plot like the one below, which I manually manipulated to display properly.

      2019-08-12 16_43_43-Window.png


      I have followed any and all instructions to make this functionality work. I also asked my IT team to see if they could isolate and solve the issue, but they, like me, believe this to be a bug.


      I would greatly appreciate any help you are able to provide!


      Thanks in advance,




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          Oleh Tyshchenko

          May be a bug. Workaround: give your column CASTING_CODE the BOX_SERIES_NAME alias.

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            Ian Geis

            Oleh Tyshchenko,


            Thank you for the quick response! I tried that and it worked very well.


            I have not marked your answer as the Correct Answer yet, because I want to see if there is a way to elevate bugs for future development. If you know of such an avenue, I would appreciate your insight once more.


            Thanks again for your help!

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              Hilary Farrell-Oracle

              Hi Ian,


              I'm already on it - thanks for bringing this to our attention.  It's fixed for our next release, 19.2 - tracked with bug #30183085.  What version of APEX are you using yourself?  I realise you've posted the testcase on apex.oracle.com, but just want to get clarification on what version you've got installed locally.




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                Ian Geis

                Hi Hilary,


                That is great to hear! We are on version, which is why I reproduced the issue on apex.oracle.com to see if it was still present in the latest release.


                As an aside, thank you so much for the follow up. I am new to the forum/community and wasn't sure what to expect as far as engagement to end users. I love what I see!





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                  Hilary Farrell-Oracle

                  Hi Ian,


                  Thanks for the follow-up - if Oleh's suggested workaround is not convenient for you, I'll discuss the feasibility of incorporating this fix in our 18.2 PSE bundle.


                  It's great to hear your positive comments on your experiences to-date of using our forum. As you'll see, there are many very helpful and enthusiastic members in the APEX community. who are all very willing to offer assistance on all things APEX.  It's something that we ( the APEX Development team ) are extremely proud and appreciative of.  We actively monitor the forum, and endeavour to respond to as many questions as we can.  We might not pick threads up immediately, but we do our best to stay on top of questions coming in.  So this is always a good place to get our attention in relation to possible bugs you may find, or simply want more information on features and functionality in the product.  We also have a designated ( and somewhat dated looking, but on the list to upgrade! ) Feature Requests app, where you can post any enhancement requests you'd like to see in a future release of the product.  We regularly review its content, to drive the list of features for future releases.  So welcome to the community!