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    CDO field merge

    Alessandro La Banca

      Hi all,


      I would like to send out an email using some fields merge. Usually I don't have problems with this but this time I would like to use a field merge related to a CDO and not to the Eloqua contact field. I am struggling finding a way how to do that because when I click Field merge on the email tab it only gives me the fields present in the database and not the ones for the CDO.


      Has anybody ever done something similar or can suggest me how to proceed further?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Hi There,


          Before you could look for the field merge from the field merge library , you should create a one. Go to field merge section , and create the field merge  for the respective CDO and it's field.


          Once you done this , you can obviously see the field merge in the field merge browser of email. If you have already done it but still couldn't see it , please give me the screen shots. i will try to find out.


          Note : The value will be populated in the field merge if the Email address in the CDO is linked to the Email address of the Contact table

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            Alessandro La Banca

            Hi Renuka,


            Thanks for your reply. I indeed managed to do what you said but now I am facing another problem. When creating the field merge I selected 'Last Modified' and even 'Last Created' or 'First created' option however when the Email with the related field merge is sent it seems to pick up only the original value and never the latest one.


            Basically I am submitting a form and typing a question in the related field. That question should populate the field merge and then an email should be triggered with exactly the question i typed in the form submission.


            Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

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              Hi Alessandro,


              Can you post the image of the field merge setup. And the image of the CDO records , may be you can hide the Email address and post the screen shot.


              Also Can email address be the unique field for your use case? In that case we can set email id as unique field for the CDO and then every time the user submits the form it will have the latest information populated.


              Actually the Last modified , First created and last created option will work as expected.

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                Alessandro La Banca

                Hi Renuka,


                I made it work in the end. I didn't really get what was wrong but apparently I was creating the field merge as i.e 'Organisation' and when i was pleacing the filed merge in the email it was coming out as 'Organization1'. Still didn't get why so if you know it would be great to understand the reason for this behavior but everyting is working as expected now.


                Thank you very much for your help.

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                  Hi Alessandra,


                  Glad to know it is working. Don't worry about the field merge name change when place it in the Email .this happens by default. Sometimes if we there is more than one merge with the same name. It may come like this

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                    Alessandro La Banca

                    Hi Renuka,


                    Unfortunately I just realized it is not working as I wanted. Please see my comments below and let me know if you have any suggestions:


                    1) A form is hosted on a landing page.

                    2) The form's fields are: 'email address' and 'Your question or comment'

                    3) 'Your question or comment' data are saved into a CDO

                    4) When the form is submitted an email is sent to a third person based on some hidden email addresses.

                    5) On that email I would like to make appear the 'Question' that was submitted in the form through a field merge.


                    This is not happening at the moment because the filed that gets updated is for the person who actually submitted the form. So the third person where the email is redirected is not getting the field merge populated with anything.


                    Do you have any suggestion on how make it work?

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                      Hi Alessandra ,


                      When Person 1 is submitting the form with some information , you would like to send a email to Person B , with the question /Answer chosen by Person A right?


                      Please correct me if am wrong

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                        Alessandro La Banca

                        That's correct!

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                          Alessandro La Banca

                          Do you know if it is possible?

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                            Give me some time ! I will try it