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    Setting up a Hive SQL connection for SQL Developer.




      We're using SQL Developer Version


         I’m trying to set up a Hive connection for SQL Developer using credentials I got from My Aginity connection.


      The  credentials I have for Aginity work:


      I tried to copy these credentials to “The SQL Developer” login and got the message you see at the bottom.



      The message I get is:


      "Status : Failure -Test failed: [Simba][HiveJDBCDriver](500310) Invalid operation: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect;"


      So when you get a connection refused message what am I missing? Also the port I'm using is 9083. In the Aginity connector, it allows for 2 ports.


      Is that going to a problem that I don't have a way to enter the second port number in the SQL Developer Connection?


      Also if the server I'm longing into has kerberos authentication do I have to do anything differently?