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    batch conversion frmf2xml encoding problems (Forms [32 bits] Version (Production))

    JeanYves Bernier

      Hi all,

      I've made a little .bat file for converting my fmb's to xml   

      for %%f IN (*.fmb) do frmxml2f.bat %%f overwrite=yes


      when i run this bat file I get the error :

      > frmxml2f.bat OGCO191.FMB overwrite=yes
      Oracle Forms 11.1 - Outils XML vers Forms
      Copyright(c) 2001, 2011, Oracle et/ou ses filiales. Tous droits rÚservÚs.
      Le fichier OGCO191.FMB ne contient pas de XML valide
        Invalid UTF8 encoding.


      but when I run directly frmxml2f.bat OGCO191.FMB overwrite=yes the conversion is ok


      Any ideas ?