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    Adding step to X_CUSTOM Load Plan Component


      Hi all,


      We have a number of steps in OBIA 11g that we want to include in the X_CUSTOM dim and fact groups. In total we have steps to add to


      3 SDE Dims X_CUSTOM_DIM EBS_12_1_3

      3 SDE Fact X_CUSTOM_DIM EBS_12_1_3

      3 SIL Dims X_CUSTOM_DIM

      3 SIL Fact X_CUSTOM_DIM


      All of the relevant target tables are in the correct model folder and sub folder, each of the target tables has an appropriate flex field value assigned to them.


      We have followed the documentation here :  https://docs.oracle.com/applications/biapps102/etl/GUID-AF634C2B-93D1-4338-A375-30ED1504E741.htm


      While the documentation refers to critical columns and constraints, we have not added these, nor have we added an constraints or sequences to the odi model. All of these are maintained within the table. The interfaces are not using the BI Apps knowledge modules and don't use any of the BI Apps variables.


      In the dev component load plan, we have added a serial step, and inside the serial step we have placed the relevant scenarios, with a scenario version -1.


      Whilst generating the load plan through the BIACM, the X_CUSTOM Load Plans are not being loaded into the generated load plan. I have made a number of changes to the out of box dev components and these are coming through in the generated load plan, but X_CUSTOM remains a mystery,


      I do not know what is missing. Can anyone offer any suggestions?