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    ODSEE 11G to OUD12C migration




      I am facing some issues to validate LDIF file exported from ODSEE before start importing to OUD12C. The POC instance of OUD is up and running and I was able to migrate the schema. When I run the command to validate the LDIF file.


      ./ds2oud --ldifDBFile /poc/opends-odsee-data.ldif --userSchemaFile /poc/99user.ldif


      Entry : unknown

      org.opends.sdk.DecodeException: Entry id=1234, ou=People, o=example.com read from LDIF starting at line 570939 includes value "" for attribute exentry12 that is invalid according to the associated syntax:  The operation attempted to assign a zero-length value to an attribute with the directory string syntax


      The config is already done for suggested changes as following:


      bash-4.4$ grep single-structural-objectclass-behavio ../config/*

      ../config/config.ldif:ds-cfg-single-structural-objectclass-behavior: accept

      ../config/config.ldif.startok:ds-cfg-single-structural-objectclass-behavior: accept

      bash-4.4$ grep zero-length ../config/*

      ../config/config.ldif:ds-cfg-allow-zero-length-values: true

      ../config/config.ldif.startok:ds-cfg-allow-zero-length-values: true

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          1) Run -

          view /poc/opends-odsee-data.ldif


          2) And in that opends-odsee-data.ldif file go to the line number 570939 (associated with the error) by running -


          3) Does the exentry12 attribute have a value in the entry -
          id=1234, ou=People, o=example.com



          4) If that does not resolve your issue, open an SR.