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    Move contents of a Data Flow Diagram


      I'm using the Process Model for the first time in 18.4.  I created two Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs).  Then I decided that these should be sub-processes of a master process.  So I created the DFD for the master process, and created two complex processes in this. I see that by doing this, I can have a DFD for each sub-process.


      Is it possible to move the contents of my existing two DFDs to the new DFDs for my sub-processes?


      I tried Copy and Paste, which kind-of works, but the result is a copy, not a move.  Since Information Stores are shared among all DFDs, this made new Information Stores instead of reusing the originals.  And the copies of the data flows didn't keep their original names - got new generated names.


      Tried changing the parent diagram for the processes, which also works, but only works for the processes - not for flows and external agents. I then have to drag and drop the Information Stores and redraw all the flows.


      I'm supposing that I either need to do the Copy and Paste and then the cleanup and renaming, or maybe write a new transformation script (unless someone has already written one and is willing to share).  But I'm hoping there is a better way.