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    OL 7.7 systemd: New main PID xxxx does not belong to service...




      I noticed the following since the recent 7.7 update:


      Aug 16 19:52:01 vm7031.example.com systemd[1]: Starting Remote desktop service (VNC)...

      Aug 16 19:52:05 vm7031.example.com systemd[1]: New main PID 2241 does not belong to service, and PID file is not owned by root. Refusing.

      Aug 16 19:52:05 vm7031.example.com systemd[1]: Failed to start Remote desktop service (VNC).

      Aug 16 19:52:05 vm7031.example.com systemd[1]: Unit vncserver@:95.service entered failed state.

      Aug 16 19:52:05 vm7031.example.com systemd[1]: vncserver@:95.service failed.


      Apparently there's been some change how systemd handles PID files.


      This affects the vncserver service when using /lib/systemd/system/vncserver@.service. The file was already modified with the release of 7.4, but has not been updated to work for 7.7. Starting with release 8, vncserver has been changed again using systemctl --user, which further complicates the matter as outlined in OL8: Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory


      According to the TigerVNC deverloper forum the changes are not made by TigerVNC. So it's probably Red Hat making these changes. Anyway, I decided not use the vncserver template anymore and create my one vncservice unit.


      I have updated vncpilot to work with 7.0 - 7.7 and also created a new version for release 8.


      Btw, release 8 no longer ships with xorg-x11-apps and requires to enable the CodeReady Builder repository, in case you need xclock, etc. To my experience, xterm and other ancient X tools are no longer functioning correctly anymore.


      I don't know if anyone else uses vncpilot, but it certainly makes my life easier whenever I need to run an X app using secure VNC ad hoc.


      VNCpilot - Simple And Secure Remote Access