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    OBIEE 10G - Line Bar Combo: Unable to apply two lines

    Jaspal D



      Looking at guides and other sources for 10G charts it appears there is a way to apply two lines on a bar chart combo. However, I am unable to see options on what to select as a bar and what to select as a line. It appears the first measure is automatically selected as a line and any other measure after that are selected as bars.


      Can anyone please advise (with screenshots if possible) on how to specify the bars and lines? Thank you in advance!


      Line Bar Combo

      A line bar combination graph plots two sets of data with different ranges, one set as bars, and one set as lines overlaid on the bars.

      Line bar combination charts are useful for showing trend relationships between data sets.

      TIP:  You can specify any mix of bars and columns, but there must be one of each. Specifying all columns as lines works, but if you want only bars, use a bar chart. (When only bars are selected for this chart type, some column selections may be drawn as lines.)