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    web.showdocument issue




      As tested  on oracle form 12c


      web.show_document (http://59.xx.xx.xx:9001/forms/java/report/20190816003-2-1.jpeg )   diaplay image normaly in browser;


      web.show_document (http://59.xx.xx.xx:9001/forms/java/report/20190816003-2-1.jpg )   get "Error 404--Not Found"  in browser


      and they are same image file with different ext file type .


      so anyone have advice for solve it . Thanks!!


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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle

          Well to start with, the file names are not the same.  In the working case you have ".jpeg" and in the failing case you have ".jpg".  So if the file name is actually .jpeg then I expect .jpg to fail.


          Also, any changes you make to the contents of \forms\java will require a restart of WLS_FORMS in order for those changes to be seen.  This includes add or removing files and making configuration changes.