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    Architecture design question - PAAS/SAAS integration with complex queries


      I am looking at how I might re-architect a custom application if we were to move from an On-premises Oracle Financials (EBS) implementation to Financials Cloud.


      The custom application today has its own schema and the main processing engine joins data from custom tables in this schema with data from the EBS schema.  If we move to a SAAS solution we would have to re-architect the custom application so its runs in its own database as PAAS type service.  The problem though is how to replicate the queries that we have now that join data from the financials tables to the custom tables.  I understand the concepts of REST and can see how the custom application can make use of REST calls to get and post data from and to Financials cloud.  The issue though is how to architect the part of the solution that currently runs a query to extract data from the Oracle financials tables based on data in the custom schema tables.  Today this is easy .. just query joins.  The large data set would be in the Financials cloud so I would rather not GET a huge data set and then filter once the data is brought back into the PAAS solution.


      What sort of options are open to me here?