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    How to Create Separate Concurrent Manager


      EBS 12.2.5



      Hi ALL,


      We have "Create Accounting" programs which take very long time to complete, especially during month-end period of closing runs.

      Is there a way to "speed-up" create accounting programs?

      What makes matter worst is it that it runs on Standard Manager, which block other non-create accounting programs.

      All other programs are left pending in queue whenever these create accounting programs are running for a long time.



      We plan to create another Concurrent Manager for creating accounting programs below, to exclude from Standard Manager.


      Is it enough just to exclude these three programs from the Standard Manager, and include them in the new Create Accounting Manager?

      Does it matter which of the three programs is the parent or child? or no need to check as long as they are excluded and included.



      Please help....


      Kind regards,


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          Yep, just create your new manager, create an inclusion specialization rule for the jobs you want to run on there, and then create an exclusion specialization rule on the Standard manager. Note - the latter will cause a bounce of the Standard manager, so make sure it's at a time that won't cause any issues.

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            Maaz Khan

            Hi Jc,


            I had similar activity done recently, below is a checklist from my side -

            1. For Parent and Child programs, both need to be excluded from Standard Manager and included under newly created custom manager.

            2. As you are moving Create Accounting to a new custom manager, please make sure you have right application chosen as there are multiple 'Create Accounting' programs for multiple modules like

            - Subledger Accounting

            - Payroll

            - Process Manufacturing Financials

            This again depends on modules implemented in your environment.

            3. You can use below query after moving them to make sure the programs were executed by right manager -

            set lines 1000
            col USER_CONCURRENT_PROGRAM_NAME for a50
            col USER_CONCURRENT_QUEUE_NAME for a25
            select d.USER_CONCURRENT_PROGRAM_NAME,b.USER_CONCURRENT_QUEUE_NAME,c.REQUEST_ID from fnd_concurrent_processes a,fnd_concurrent_queues_vl b, fnd_concurrent_requests c,FND_CONCURRENT_PROGRAMS_TL d
            and a.CONCURRENT_PROCESS_ID = c.controlling_manager
            and c.concurrent_program_id=d.concurrent_program_id
            and b.USER_CONCURRENT_QUEUE_NAME ='Custom Manager';



            Sample Output –








            -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ----------
            GMF Period Close Process for Process Organizations                     Custom Manager      8406888
            GMF Period Close Process for Process Organizations                     Custom Manager      8406890
            GMF Period Close Process for Process Organizations                     Custom Manager      8406889
            Collect Revenue Recognition Information                                         Custom Manager      8406895
            GMF Recreate Batch / Period Layers                                                  Custom Manager      8406891
            Generate COGS Recognition Events                                                   Custom Manager      8406896
            Record Order Management Transactions                                         Custom Manager      8406894
            OPM Actual Cost Program                                                                    Custom Manager      8406892



            4. Deciding on number of workers to be assigned for new custom manager will be very essential and that will depend upon maximum number of programs you are planning to run under it concurrently.





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              Thanks John and Maaz



              Our current Standard Manager workers (actual/target) is 6.

              We are planning to have 6 also for the separate Custom Create Accounting Manager.

              How much memory does it incur for additional worker?

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                Maaz Khan

                Hi Jc,


                Additional workers should not take up memory unless you explicitly assign it at program level like as follows -


                AWR memory advisories will help you analyze memory usage and then decide if you need to increase memory allocation.

                I would recommend below document id to you which covers many aspects on tuning Create accounting.

                R12 SLA/FAH: How to Improve Performance in Subledger Accounting & Financials Accounting Hub (Doc ID 791049.1)





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                  when you create 6 workers , 6 managers (FNDLIBR) get started at Concurrent manager tier.


                  They would surely consume some memory. It may not be huge. However I would suggest you to monitor the memory usage post creation of new manager.


                  you may check the 'top' command at OS level to monitor memory usage.