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    ECC V2


      EBS 12.2.8



      Hi ALL,


      Oracle has come out new version2 of ECC.

      I have not even successfully installed  version1 yet

      Why do they keep on making lots of versions so fast?

      Below are patches needed for ECC-V2

      Can I apply, these three patches  ATG=28780020, Adapter=28780241, Financials=28780031   is one patch cycle?



      adop phase=apply patches=28780020,28780241,28780031


      or is command below the same as above?


      adop phase=apply patches=28780020

      adop phase=finalize

      adop phase=apply patches=28780241

      adop phase=finalize

      adop phase=apply patches=28780031

      adop phase=finalize




      Kind regards,