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    LIFETIME Members....


      I was one of the Early Investors or DYNDNS.org who purchased a lifetime membership to DYN DNS .oRG
      When I logged on I am presented with a VIP badge, plus next to my domain, under Expiry day it always Said "NEVER"
      Recently I logged on, and saw that my Expiry is now 31 May 2020,
      Which means Oracle is not honouring its DYNDNS commitment of lifetime members,


      at first I thought this was an administrative error.... so I emailed the support desk and this is their reply,(see below)
      If anyone is willing or has started a class action law suit I'd be willing to join,

      I've had NO communication from Oracle, and it looks like they are trying to sweep this under the carpet,
      Why do huge companies do this... very clearly this should not be allowed... I'm so VERY angry

      AND it looks like they will remove the dynamic updates (not 100% sure) and that's probably why they have increased their fees so much (to chase people away)

      I'm not on social media at all, but whoever is reading this please could you make a remark on social media,






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      We truly appreciate all the support we received from our early donators, however we are regrettably unable to continue lifetime DNS service as we are discontinuing our Dyn DNS products.  While your service(s) will not carry over to OCI at no cost, you may be surprised by the affordability of OCI DNS which offers unlimited zones starting at only $0.85 per 1M queries for basic DNS.  We hope that you will check it out and consider staying with us.  If you are interested in moving to a new provider, we thank you for the years we shared, and hope that this article on the 10 best free DNS providers will help you: https://www.keycdn.com/blog/best-free-dns-hosting-providers


      Prior to May 31, 2020, you will need to migrate your DNS services.  Oracle values your business, and we hope that you will consider our OCI DNS product for its affordability and expanded services.  Below you will find links to our help guides on how to migrate your DNS zones into OCI.  OCI DNS starts at $0.85 per 1M queries with no additional charge per zone. You will never be charged for overages, in OCI DNS you pay only for what you use. 


      If you're a Dyn Standard DNS customer, follow the steps documented https://www.oracle.com/corporate/acquisitions/dyn/technologies/migrate-your-services/


      Please note that the use of DDNS hostnames is not currently supported at this time. Security is the primary reason for not allowing DDNS Update Clients to connect to the OCI Infrastructure.  If you currently use a device configured specifically for our services, you can continue to use our Remote Access product to keep your hostname updated.  If you are using your own domain and a Dyn configured system, you can opt to use a CNAME in your DNS to point to a Remote Access hostname.  In this respect, your hostname will continue to resolve to the expected IP value.


      Please let me know if you have any further questions.





      Ryan Warrick

      Senior Technical Support Representative

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          Now you know how long lifetime really is.  Too bad if you survive this time frame.  Also, never ever trust someone who guarantees something for lifetime. This is pure crap unless you die early enough.


          On the other hand and more likely: it may well be that the lifetime of the service is meant, not the lifetime of the users.  In this case: the Standard DNS service (earlier also called Custom DNS service) is going to die within the next nine months.  Time to say good-bye and to look for a replacement.


          UPDATE:  End of service has been changed to May 31, 2022.

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            I'm also a lifetime donor.

            My DynDNS Pro expiration date still says never.

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              So Oracle bought Dyn DNS to eliminate all their services. I wonder how many of us lifetime members there are. It's been so long since I originally donated to them to buy some new hardware I don't remember how long it's been and I'd have to boot OS/2 to read the emails, and I haven't done that in probably 10 years now.

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                First of all, let me tell you WHY I wouldn't even want to stay with Dyn Oracle or whever they call themselves now, even if it was "free" for a lifetime: to the


                -Cruise on over to the main forums and look at all the people like me that have domains stuck in locked or screwed up mode that can't transfer or manage them, and support never answers the phone or emails.


                -I've been trying to transfer the last of many domains away for almost 3 months and it still shows "Unlocked" and "Transfer prohibited" at the same time. Left almost a dozen emails and phone messages for support and still NO REPLY


                In fairness, I was one of the original Dyndns customers and I LOVED the great service and offerings, but it appears that once Oracle too over, they simply gutted the support part. I had multiple clients on this and have had to scramble to move them all away before they ended up with another registrar.



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                  My dashboard says my "Remote Access/DynDNS Pro" will never expire, but the Standard DNS services all say May 30, 2020 (not May 31, like other people have said).

                  I can move all my Standard DNS to Cloudflare, but it is a pain.

                  I am not sure what could happen with a lawsuit since I don't have anything in writing that explains the perpetual service. I got service by donating to a different service that was purchased by Dyn even longer ago.

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                    I can't believe companies dare to buy another one to then not respect original promises. They bought knowing those promises exist... I mean, CEO could have his wife start a second company to buy his and get rid of the promises like lifetime subs! In the end, we aren't VIP with a lifetime sub for nothing. If not for us, dyndns might not have been what it is now and Oracle might not have had the chance to buy them and make money out of it. But we're just seen as leechers

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                      It’s clear that the lifetime of the service was meant, not the lifetime of the users. Therefore the promise still holds true.