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    Weather based campaigns


      Hey there fellow Eloquans,


      Here in Britain it is burning hot for us and whilst sitting in the garden I was wondering about weather based campaigns.  I have read bits and pieces that were more geared towards our B2C cousins but I wondered if there might be something to be had in our world.  My first go to place was Oracle marketplace and couldn't find anything.


      So I thought I would open it out to y'all.


      Here are my initial thoughts....


      Campaign for super hot and campaign for super cold


      If the temperature for contacts at a county level got to either to above or below a temperature they would get put in the hot or cold campaign respectively.


      I am guessing that the easiest way of doing this would be to set predicted temperature on CDO.


      How would you recommend getting that data set on the CDO?


      Any stories or ideas of approach are more than welcome.