11g 12c Migration Issues due to unsupported JDK

Adam Wickes

    Hi all,


    Nothing's ever easy with this application is it.
    We're in the middle of a 12c upgrade and today's task was to migrate the 11g JAR to one of our 12c environments.
    Following the fairly simple instructions, I end up with the following error when trying to export the JAR bundle from 11g.



    After googling the highlighted error, it suggests that this is because our 11g environment is running JDK1.6 whereas 12c is running JDK1.8.
    Now that's all well and good and makes a lot of sense BUT after checking the cert matrix, it looks like JDK1.6 is the highest version of Java we can run on 11g without also having to upgrade Weblogic.


    Does anyone have any idea of a way around this?
    Is it possible to migrate JAZN, RPD, Webcat manually?


    Thanks in advance,