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    About Java Applet.


      Hi there!,

                I am new to java and was trying to execute a Java Applet program.... but unfortunately it ended up with some error.

      The Applet window successfully shown off but it had something written "start:Applet not initialized".

      I don't know what exactly the problem is.......


      Can any one guide me in finding the right solution for this.



      Error: Applet not initialized


      Java code:-

      import java.awt.*;

      import java.applet.*;

      class Hello extends Applet


      public void paint(Graphics g)


      g.drawString("Hey! This is Java Applet...What's up??",100,100);




      HTML code:-

      <!doctype html>




      <Applet code="Hello" height=500 width=500></Applet>




      I ran the above codes and encountered "Applet not Initialized" Error..... What changes should I make in my code??