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    Multiple unread MOSC pages crash Firefox

    Rebecca M-O

      I prefer to browse all the threads in a community, and open links in separate tabs for later reading.  When I do that here, after about 6-7 unread tabs have been opened, it crashes Firefox (68.0esr) and basically my whole computer, using 96-98% of physical memory, according to Task Manager.  If I open a thread in a new tab and read it right away, I can have at least 10 tabs open with no problems. I don't have this problem with any other sites, including MOS, and regularly have dozens of tabs open in a browser.  Is there some intense pre-rendering code that's behind these pages, taking up all my computer's memory?  I didn't see any other threads about this - is it just me?



      Based on my tests today, this only happens in FF.  IE seems only showed medium-high memory use.  In Chrome, the amount of memory the tabs use is nowhere near the amount available.


      I think in this screenshot there were about 10 unread Firefox tabs, along with a few I'd previously read – the last few (without the bottom of the Oracle favicon) were still in the processing/blue-dot phase.  6 of the tabs are taking up more than 100MB each of memory (Outlook's usual average, although in this screenshot it's been frozen out of most memory).  One of the tabs is taking 1.5GB of memory.

      Screenshot of Firefox behind Task Manager, Processes tab, showing high memory use in Firefox processes


      Usually shutting down each FF process individually in Task Manager, starting with the lower-memory items, is the only way I can get my computer working again. At the point of the next two screenshots, I'd shut down about half of the processes, although the same number of tabs were still visible in the browser window.

      Screenshot of Task Manager, Processes tab, with some of the Firefox processes gone, but the high-memory processes remain


      Showing when the memory use escalated, then the slow decline as I shut down FF processes (still at about halfway point).

      Screenshot of Task Manager, Performance tab, showing a quick increase and slow decrease in memory use


      In IE I opened more than 20 unread tabs.  4 of them broke the 100MB line, but none got above .5GB.  (Only about 25% of the tabs are visible as processes – maybe it stops opening new processes when it hits a threshold?)

      Screenshot of Internet Explorer behind Task Manager, Processes tab, showing medium-high memory use in IE processes



      In Chrome, I opened about 20 tabs and only one of them made it above 100K and Outlook, so it's not a problem at all. No screenshot.

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          If Chrome and IE work fine, and Firefox not, viewing pages of the very same web server, why do you think the problem is the web site, and not Firefox?

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            You better not judge software by the Windows task manager. Analyzing memory is more complex and you also need to look at private and shared memory. Keep in mind that modern systems work with a virtual address space. Put simply, if you have 8 GB of RAM, there is no problem when running several programs that allocate a virtual address space of 4 GB, for example, unless every program actually start to use it.


            The information you see is highly questionable and does not demonstrate whether or not any browser is working correctly or efficiently. If Firefox keeps crashing without anything else running since system startup, then the issue is likely Firefox related, or anything it relies on, such as Javascript. However, it's just a clue at best.


            So what is the response you expect from your post? All these web browsers are under constant development. Sometimes is IE, sometimes Chrome and sometimes it's Firefox that fails. There is no single browser or version that works best all the time, and even the idea to use a web browser for anything reliable is silly.


            I prefer Firefox over Chrome or IE for ease of mind about privacy of information. I don't like software that operates like a virus and keeps reinstalling itself. I find more recent releases of Firefox, however, disappointing, and I'm currently stuck with version 52.9 ESR. No problem here opening dozens of Windows and tabs, but I'm also not using Windows.


            Different software can produce different problems depending on your computer system and hardware. What are you using? Firefox 68.0.2, 32-bit or 64 bit? What exactly? If you have a 64-bit OS, make sure to test 64-bit Firefox. Does the problem only occur with Oracle or other sites too? Perhaps try an older version. Also, the site you're browsing most likely isn't perfect.

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              Any more info? Btw, I just recall that I've seen crashes with Firefox in regard to Flash. Firefox does not disable Flash and some of the Oracle pages still use it. Check if you have Flash installed and try to disable or update it.

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                Rebecca M-O

                Fair question - I think it could be either.  The fact that it hasn't happened with any other site, including MOS, was what gave equal weight (to me) to it being a site issue.  I wanted to know if anyone else had experienced similar, which might give me a better direction of where to look.  If no one else has, it's probably something on my computer, possibly browser settings as sugggested below by Dude!.



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                  Rebecca M-O

                  Thanks Dude!  Good to know about Task Manager.  I'll keep an open mind.


                  My software versions are determined by my employer (work computer, although testing on personal computer is also something I could do).   My computer is on Win 7 SP 1 (64-bit OS). We're on Firefox Quantum 68.0esr (64-bit).  The other browsers were IE 11.0.9600.19431 or possibly 11.0.140, and Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit).


                  Mostly I just wanted to know if others had experienced this, or if the issue was mostly limited to me. 

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                    Rebecca M-O

                    I realized as I packed up Wednesday that posting and then immediately leaving for a long weekend was probably not the best timing. Sorry about that.


                    I've disabled Flash on Google Canary, but not the other browsers.  I'll check that out.

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                      Rebecca M-O

                      Dang, I really thought disabling Flash might be the right answer (although that might just be my bias against Flash).  It was already set to Ask to Activate (not Always Activate), but I changed it to Never Activate, rebooted computer, only manually opened FF (but startup/system things still loaded), and it still crashed by tab 11.

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                        And there I thought that Chrome is the one abusing memory... ;-)



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                          Could be anything. Have you tried FF save mode? I think it's pressing shfit on Windows when FF is starting.


                          What you can also try is a different version: Directory Listing: /pub/firefox/releases/


                          Just make sure to disconnect the network after the installation and disable auto-uopdate, otherwise it'll auto-update right away.

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                            Rebecca M-O

                            Safe Mode made things slightly better, but not enough.  I also looked into extensions/add-ons etc.  I disabled one (a tracker blocker) and that made it slightly better too, but again not enough.


                            I think I need to just do the workaround of not opening a dozen tabs without letting them finish rendering.

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                              It's the idea of safe mode to temporarily disable add-ons. Have you tried to disable FF hardware acceleration. It speeds up web page rendering and takes some load off your CPU, but can cause problems with bad graphics drivers and graphics cards. I don't use FF Quantum, so I don't know where the setting is hidden, but you should be able to find and disable it for testing.

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                                Rebecca M-O

                                Testing without the hardware acceleration fully crashed my computer. So that's not it. :-)

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                                  How did it crash? Blue screen or simply stop responding? If it stopped responding, for example, it does not necessarily mean the system crashed. There are too many unknowns here to possibly pin point the issue, but I'd say if hardware acceleration on/off crashes or freezes your computer you have more likely bad hardware or a bad system installation. It could be a bad graphics driver or perhaps you have bad RAM or the CPU is overheating. No one here can look over your shoulder to see what tabs you are opening or doing exactly to reproduce the problem. I'd say the easiest way to narrow it down is to use another computer with the same version of Firefox, and see if you run into the same problems. Using a different browser is not going to determine where the problem lies, because different browser rely on different methods and concepts.

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                                    I suggest to review https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000005607/boards-and-kits/desktop-boards.html  and check if the Intel Diagnostics tool is able to determine any issues.


                                    I once had a faulty motherboard and certain graphics tests would reset or completely freeze the system. The diagnostic tools can help to determine such causes. I also once had a bad graphics card where certain tests would always reset the computer. In both cases I received a hardware replacement from the vendor which solved the problem.

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