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    not able to edit /etc/inet/hosts file in solaris 10


      dear experts ,


      i am new with soalris .


      i have installed oracle solaris 10 . i want to change ip and  hostname of my machine and then install 11g on this.


      but when i change etc/inet/hosts file , system is not allwing me to change this file.


      i have changed permissions as below :




      when i open this file and press i to insert it start writing B B etc


      can any one help with this ?

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          1.  Return back permission for file.

          2.  Set environment variable TERM to correct value.

                For example:    TERM=vt220 ; export TERM  

                You can try use dttem or xterm also.


          3. It's can depend from which type terminal used. Arrows key can  be not operable. Use keys:  h ; j ;k ;l - insted.


          4.  What reason fresh installation of Solaris 10 ?   This OS near OESL ( only extended support available).