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    Changing the starting page of enterprise manager (EM)?


      Dear reader,

      Everytime I log in to Oracle's Enterprise Manager (SOA 12c) to inspect the flow traces of my middleware projects I have to click through a couple of screens to get to my actual flow traces. You start in the home screen, from which I 95% of the time have to navigate through ../SOA/Soa-Infra/deployed_composites to get to where I'll do most of the monitoring. I know the cloud products have a setting which allows you to change the starting page after logging in, but I haven't managed to find it for non-"cloud control" enterprise manager.

      I have bookmarked the Soa-Infra, which works fine, but I would like to know if EM has this feature, and if so, where to find it.



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          Martien van den Akker

          Hi Jesper,


          I think this is related to FusionMiddleware Control, which is an embedded topology of Enterprise manager, in stead of EM Grid Control.


          I haven't seen what you ask anywhere, so I reluctantly think it isn't possible. However, clicking on the info icon of soa-infra, you get the target's info:

          Also accessible through:

          In the target info there is a short link that you can bookmark.

          As you might know, I'm fond of TotalCommander, which allows you to define buttons in the button bar. There you can add Firefox or Chrome as your liking, and provide this link as a parameter.


          The target Sitemap is also interesting, it provides you an overview of all directly accessible parts with links to different tasks:

          Nice is the link to the Target Sitemap from the ... Target Sitemap ...

          Hope this answers your question.





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