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    Eloqua vs pardot


      Can anyone tell me how Eloqua is better than Pardot?

      We currently use Eloqua. Never used Pardot.

      My organization is looking at switching CRMs and moving to SalesForce and we're being pitched on also moving from Eloqua to Pardot because Pardot is so integrated with Salesforce.

      Of course when the sales reps are pitching, they are saying everything can be done in Pardot.

      Trying to sift through the B.S and hear from real users who have used both and can recommend one over the other.

      I couldn't find a feature list of Eloqua vs. Pardot. If you know of one, can you please share the link. Thank you!

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          This is a question you should ask directly to your dedicated Account Manager or your Customer Success Manager.
          Based on how you are using Eloqua, they will be able to point out to the main differences that are valuable for your business.