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    receipt auto apply


      hello very one

      i need to know the way which enable me to use receipt auto apply

      i know the 2 methods when using apply and search and apply buttons at receipt form

      is there a way to use auto apply

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          Bharat -Oracle



          Once Receipt is created, it cannot be Autoapplied.

          You may have to use Receipts API or manually from Form to do so.


          If you create a Receipt batch and create Receipts via that batch, then there is some option.


          Best Regards


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            Thanks for your reply

            can you send me link explaining creating a Receipt batch and create Receipts via that batch which has auto apply option

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              Bharat -Oracle



              1. First Define “Auto Cash Rule Set” as per your requirement

              say "apply to oldest invoice first"



              2. Add this rule in System Option, Misc TAB


              3. Create a Receipt source type Manual, Optionally choose Receipt Class, Payment Method, Bank Account.

              One can choose the batch numbering Manual or Automatic


              4.  Create a receipt Batch, with batch source created above.

              Receipts --> Batch

              Batch type= Manual-Quick


              5. Click on receipt to enter receipts.
              Choose Auto Cash Rule Set as Application Type and other information like customer name and amount.


              6. Now Press Post Quick Cash Button. A request now run Submit Post Batch


              Verify the receipts, it will get applied as per your Auto Cash Rule.


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                Thanks for your support 

                it helps me a lot