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    18c 19c EE installation on Windows 2012 R2 (oracle home directory)




      I tried to install 19c EE on Windows 2012R2 with several options (Virtual account, Administrator) and the problem remains the same :

      After choosen the default Oracle base directory C:\app\Administrator, some directories (as network) are not copied in it by only updated in the installation directory (where the dezipp file was located : C:\temp\ora19). Example : no C:\app\Administrator\product\19......\dbhome_1 is created. After installation :




      The same problem appears with 18c EE, where the installation directory take place for several directories on the oracle home directory choosen at the installation time. See 1, 2 and 3.jpg files.


      An article quotes in spanish




      "Desde Oracle 18c, el proceso de instalación ha sido simplificado, y el nuevo proceso no copia los archivos desde un directorio de instalación al nuevo ORACLE_HOME sino que simplemente registra y configura los componentes del producto."

      but the doc talk to dezipp the installation file in a separate directory (ex : mkdir \install\database)