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    oracle forms create_group_from_query : upgrade v10 to v12 : order by does not work anymore


      We have upgrades our forms from version 10 to 12c.

      In the code we do :


      rg_id := create_group_from_query(rg_name,lv_text);

         temp  := populate_group(rg_id);

         populate_list('INVOER.type_adres_cd', rg_id);



      lv_text :=

      'SELECT   rv_meaning

                     ,        rv_low_value

                     FROM     cg_ref_codes

                     WHERE    rv_domain = ''TYPADR''

                     AND      rv_low_value IN (SELECT sub_cd

                                               FROM   tag_code_boom

                                               WHERE  boom_cd = ''ADRES''

                                               AND    hfd_cd = '''||lv_type_hfd_cd||''')

                     AND      rv_low_value NOT IN (''WOFF'',''WCORR'',''WBTW'',''RR'')

                     ORDER BY rv_meaning';


      ==> result of this query is a list of value :

      Correspendentie adres

      OVMB Correspondenten adres

      Officieel adres

      SVMB Correspondenten adres



      If we leave out the 'ORDER BY rv_meaning' the lov is not ordered , with  'ORDER BY rv_meaning' the lov is ordered by values starting with 'O%' are not ordered by the second character.

      I also tried ordering by  'ORDER BY UPPER(rv_meaning)' ; this gave the same result.

      Is this a bug in forms12c?