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    SySql as a Connection Between SmallTalk GUI and Oracle


      I am attempting to help a client find an upgrade or replacement for SySql v7? which is a 32-bit database connection tool that SPL World Group used to offer (Oracle acquired SPL World Group many years ago). I found only one real reference to SySql in a community question from long ago where the poster was using SySql to connect to Oracle: re:very urgent get another database connection within a connection .


      The client has been using SySql32.exe to connect a SmallTalk GUI to their Oracle database. Their version of SySql works just fine on Windows 7 but won't launch on Windows 10 (target version is 1903).


      Does anyone know of a Windows 10-compatible version of SySql, or of another product that could be used in place of SySql, so the client can use their SmallTalk tool to interact with Oracle in Windows 10?