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    Autoconfig internals


      Hello all experts,


      Version : R12.1.3


      can some one help us understand the below question


      I understand autoconfig generates environment files under $APPL_TOP,CONTEXT file and tns files when it is ran.Also it will generate configuration file if any context variable related to that configuration file changes.


      How does it know which context variable changed and which configuration file to generate?


      For example:If i change context variable s_webport in xml file,then it will generate configuration files that are related to that change but it will not not generate all configuration files right?


      Thank you

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          Maaz Khan



          whener you run autoconfig after changing a context variable, It will read all values from context file and modify/regenerate all files and this will happen everytime you run autoconfig.


          FND_OAM_CONTEXT_FILES is the table that stores context file in dB and values are uploaded from apps tier context file into this table when we run autoconfig.


          So so when you update say s_webport and run autoconfig , it will regenerate all files and not just related that context variable.





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            Thanks for the update.


            Just wanted to confirm again,so Autoconfig generates all configuration files when ever it is ran?

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              Maaz Khan

              Yes, autoconfig generates all configurations files. You can perform below use-case in test environment to understand in detail on the steps performed during autoconfig on 12.1.3 environment -

              1. Shutdown apps tier

              2. Change Web Listener Port number in xml file, refer - 760590.1

              3. cd $TNS_ADMIN and note last modified time of tnsnames.ora, sqlnet.ora, listener.ora

              4. Execute autoconfig

              5. Monitor autoconfig session and observe changes.

              Typically logfile is stored under - $APPL_TOP/admin/SID_Hostname/log//DDMMTime/adconfig.log

              6. After autoconfig completion, please note last modified time of tnsnames.ora, sqlnet.ora, listener.ora again.