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    Why dyndns service forgot to renew mine.nu domain name service??


      Do you experience the same issue as my 25 hosts? they quit working 5 hours ago.

      domain name mine.nu is deactivated!!! dyndns paid service forgot to renew this domain, can I trust again with your service? Will you renew mine.nu NOW? TODAY? Or once is expired in 30days?


      this is an URGENT matter, no apologies, just RENEW.


      state:            deactivated

      domain:           mine.nu

      holder:           p668cwx3jd

      admin-c:          p668cwx3jd

      tech-c:           l8pkgkwyxd

      billing-c:        p668cwx3jd

      created:          1999-08-02

      modified:         2019-09-10

      expires:          2019-08-31

      deactivationdate: 2019-09-10

      date_to_delete:   2019-11-09

      date_to_release:  2019-11-16

      nserver:          ns1.dyndns.org

      nserver:          ns2.dyndns.org

      nserver:          ns3.dyndns.org

      nserver:          ns4.dyndns.org

      nserver:          ns5.dyndns.org

      dnssec:           unsigned delegation

      registry-lock:    unlocked

      status:           serverHold

      status:           pendingDelete

      registrar:        NuNames.nu