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    Infinity Tag placement


      Hi Team,


      As per my understanding, Oracle infinity tag should be placed preferably under <head>. But one of my customers is using GTM for tagging and odc.js script is placed under the <body> tag.


      Will infinity tag be firing even if it is placed under <body>.  Tags were firing when we checked on 8/29 but when we rechecked on 9/3 it was not working. Not sure what is the issue here.




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          Neil Fasteen-Oracle

          The tag should work in the Body as well as the Head of a document. I'd have to look at your page to provide specific recommendations on troubleshooting, but the first things to look at are:


          - Check to see if there are any errors in your browser's debug console. In Chrome these appear in the "Console" section of the developer tools.

          - Add this string to your URL to enable debugging on the tag "_ora.debug=vvvv". Then, in the "Console" section of Chrome's developer tools, check the debug output for errors. This link contains additional help for debugging:  https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/marketingcs_gs/OMCHA/Help/data_collection/verify_tag.htm

          - If you take just the tag include url and put it in a browser, does it load the tag? You should see javascript for the tag loader (ODC.js) open in your browser.

          - Make sure your browser isn't using any kind of script blocker. If Chrome, try using incognito mode and making sure that you can see ODC.js loading in the Network view of the developer tools.
          - If your browser supports DNT settings make sure the DNT feature is disabled. The default settings for the Infinity Tag honor the DNT settings in your browser. If set, the tag will not fire.I


          If none of the above works, consider contacting Oracle Infinity Technical support for help.

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            Hi Neil,


            Thanks for the response and steps. This issue is resolved. Oracle has disabled the infinity tag due to some data issue and we did not receive information regarding that. After raising SR and having multiple conversations with them we came to know that it has been disabled. It has been re-enabled and it is working for us now.