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    Upload data to CDO

    Alon Margalit

      Hi All,


      I have a serious problem, I wonder if anyone ever faced something like this before:


      I have a CDO in which I store all the data from the offline shop. Due to some historical reasons before my time, and other infrastructure issues - once a month, I get a file with all the data from the beginning of the year until today.

      (meaning, at the beginning of September I got a file with ALL the sales from 1.1.19 until 31.8.19. Next month I'll get a file with all the sales from January until october and so on).


      After receiving the data file and doing some simple manipulations - I need to delete the data currently placed in the cdo and upload the new file.

      It worked like a charm from before my time as I said, and until 3 months ago all was well.


      3 months ago - I started to encounter issues with uploading the data to the CDO - I would get 404 error at the end of the upload process, or I would get an email saying the data was successfully uploaded but in the cdo I would see 0 lines.


      I spoke with the support, they suggested some possible reasons such as weak internet connection, or the file I'm trying to upload is too big (800K rows) and I should try smaller batches.

      Nothing helped.


      As far as I know - I'm not in the limit of my CDO's capacity (I have 11.5M rows out of 25M).


      Anyone encountered such an issue?

      What Can I do?