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    Number of contacts in the Segment


      Hello there


      As you can see , I have made up a segment with various filters ... yet the number at the top is seemingly just counting filter 6 - why would this be ?


      Image attached.

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          Hi RJC4288,


          The segment will give the count deduplicated by Email address. ( ie if the same Email address is part of one more filters it will be counted only once). I think that might be the reason.


          If you can post the image i can check further for you

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            Previous reply would be my first guess. Are the contacts in 1-4 and 7-10 included in filter 6? The system won't count a contact more than once. I'd check #6 to make sure you don't have something different there like an 'OR' or a date is configured incorrectly that is causing the discrepancy since that one seems to be a substantially different count than the other ones.