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    EBS 12.2.x  on Windows Server


      Hi ALL,


      Can you share me docs or blogs on how to clone EBS 12.2.x on Windows Server?

      I am confused how to create different oracle users in Windows.


      In Linux, you can create different owners in a single machine like below:


      1st set

      useradd -m -u  510 -g dba  appprod    << owner/user  of  appstier  PROD instance

      useradd -m -u  511 -g dba  oraprod    << owner/user  of  db-Teir   PROD  instance


      2nd set

      useradd -m -u  512 -g dba  apptest    << owner/user  of  appstier  TEST  instance

      useradd -m -u  513 -g dba  oratest    << owner/user  of  db-Teir   TEST   instance


      3rd set ....and so on ...depends on the power of the server.


      Then you can clone EBS to these different sets of users.


      Please help how to do this in Windows.




      Thanks a lot.