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    System Tablespace is full


      Oracle DB: 11.2..3.0


      OS: RHEL 6.7


      Problem: System table space is almost full.  I need to truncate, Delete, or Purge rows from Audit Trail Table AUD$ by following Doc ID 73408.1


      That doc offers 3 choices



      1) To purge all the audit records from the audit trail run this command


      SQL> truncate table aud$;


      2)To delete rows from the audit trail related to a particular audited object run this command:


      SQL> DELETE FROM sys.aud$ WHERE obj$name='<object_name>';



      3) If the audit trail information must be archived, copy the relevant rows to another table, then truncate the aud$ table and finally you can optionally export the backup table(backup_aud$) to an OS file and then drop the backup table :

      SQL> CREATE TABLE backup_aud$ AS SELECT * from sys.aud$;


      SQL> truncate table aud$;




      This is a QA server, so I don't need to save any audit files. I am thinking about using option 1

      SQL> truncate table aud$;

      Would using option 1 cause any problem on my DB or tablespace? 


      Thanks for your help.