Unit Test - Make the display Clean?

Mike Kutz

    I'm using the SQL*Developer to validate ETL/ELT results.  As such, my "Query returning no row(s)" Validation can be very large.  This makes the Validation section of a Test .... not easy to see.


    What I have done:

    1. I made a test Test (and Library-Validation-Query returning no row(s)). 
    2. I've exported that test and took a look at the resulting XML file (see below)
    3. I noticed that the path /UT/object/limitem/validation/description matches the path /UT/object/limitem/validation/code.
    4. Because DETAIL is a different attribute than CODE, I'm assuming changing the DETAIL value can be done
    5. I'm also assuming that what is shown in Test is the DETAIL value (not the CODE value)
    6. Unfortunately, I don't see a way to IMPORT the Exported XML file.


    Is there a way to clean up this mess? (eg modify the Description)  (or is it a feature request?)







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        Mike Kutz

        I found the Import method:

        sdcli unittest -imp -repo <connection name> -file <filename> [ -overwrite | -skip ]



        Sadly, the <description>text</description> is overwritten with the <code>code</code> upon import.


        I tried editing the <description> value the XML Document that is stored in UT_LIB_VALIDATIONS by hand.  That didn't work

        However, editing the <code> value did change what was shown.


        Is displaying the <code> what should be shown or should it show <description>?

        Sounds like a "feature request".


        Now - to test - which one ( <code> or <description>) is actually ran for the Unit Testing?