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    Company for an Asset




      This may have a simple answer.  Since I'm new to Oracle SQL Developer (and SQL in general), I've been racking my brain with no luck.


      This company is on Oracle 12.1 and I'm writing a queries in SQL Developer connected to PROD.  I am writing a script that will return the information for depreciation for the month, by company and by the posting accounts.  I need to bring in the 2 digit Company Code, which is the same as Segment1 of the GL Account Flex Field.


      I've been able to extract the Cost, Depreciation and Accumulated Depreciation accounts as well as the monthly depreciation amount.  What I cannot find is what FA table contains the 2 digit Company Code.  Is that code in FA or do I have to join my FA tables in my query to a GL one?


      ANY help will be greatly appreciated.