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    Agent NOT sending out email




      I have an agent sending out an analysis to both the Dashboard and email in an OBIE 12c environment. The dashboard alert works fine. However, the email is not being sent out. There is no error message. I previously had some agents sending out this particular report which I eventually deleted as these were created only for test purposes. This is based on a usage tracking report. Any thoughts on how I can troubleshoot this issue?

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          Gianni Ceresa

          Check the agent logs, using Job Manager or looking in the database table with the logs. Based on what you find there you will know if the agent has been executed and the job is done on the OBIEE side and the issue is on the SMTP server.

          You maybe also want to make sure the agent knows where to send the content, if you entered email addresses or if you just use the default delivery profile of users and maybe your OBIEE isn't aware of what are the email addresses of your users.


          Keeping it short: you need to start finding out if your issue is really in OBIEE first. Many people complaining about agents not sending emails ended up having a nice chat with their SMTP server admin and all was fixed

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            Thank you for your response. I looked in the job manager and below

            screenshot shows job completed fine. However, still no email sent out. I

            will speak to the admin to check the smtp server details.


            image: image.png




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              Christian Berg

              In these cases 99.9% of the issues are after OBI. Either on the way to the SMTP server or in the SMTP server or going out.


              OBI tells you it has done it's part and handed off the payload.


              As Gianni hinted at you will have to check whether you can reach the SMTP server at all, whether you can send any mail over it successfully, whether there are any checks or blocks for outgoing mails etc. Best ask your mail admin for help

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                I will be hanging out with my Admin today to see if we can find the root

                cause of this issue. Will give update if resolved.


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