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    Issues with Data Masking when you have using the Application Data Model into an OEM 13c with 12.1/2 db repository on PDB

    Adrian Godoy Ferro

      I am trying to add tables and change information and data definitions in our Application Data Model for specific database into OEM 13c.

      This errors comes most of the time when I am trying to change something into the Application Data Model or when I change from one ADM to other ADM.

      Repository databases where OEM 13c is installed is Multitenant and PDB.


      JBO-25228: Unable to register a database change notification request for ADMTableTypeVI view object


      After grant the CHANGE NOTIFICATION system privilege to the SYSMAN user into the Repository database:




      Grant succeeded.


      In OEM raises the error:

      ORA-65131: The feature Continuous Query Notification is not supported in a pluggable database.


      Because the failure ORA-65131 and JBO 25228 it is not possible add tables into the Application Data Model I created.


      This is a JDBC issue document ID 2158980.1 https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocumentDisplay?_afrLoop=533728076820999&id=2158980.1&_afrWindowMode=0&_adf.ctrl-state=151yjjuzjf_4


      the only choice for CQN is to use the 'Non-CDB' architecture in 12.1.


      I guess, OEM 13c has some restriction to use a PDB as repository and this CQN issue in the JDBC is an evidence of it, because raised this error when using Application Data Model page.

      Maybe someone faced this before, so some opened question bellow:


      • Is there some other option to use Data Masking without OEM13c?
      • CQN issue in OEM 13c is solved for Oracle 18c/19c related using CDB architecture ? Is Data Masking and mainly Application Data Model working properly the these last versions?


      Thank you in advance


      Adrian Godoy Ferro