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    Workstation 610 SSD Issue

    Thameera Dananjaya


      Does anyone notice Workstation 610 with Windows 10 having frequent SSD failure?  We observed many incidents with multiple sites where we deploy Workstation 610 With Windows 10  reported failed SSD and disk is not recoverable. SSD is not recoverable either with Standard Windows recovery or complete image restore with Windows image offered under "MICROS Workstation 610 Windows 10 (LTSB 2016) Image". Below mentioned the screenshot of the issue.



      Could anyone having idea how and what could be the reason for this issue. Any comment would be appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          Christian Lupprich-Oracle

          Hi Thameera,

          did you open a SR with Support for these issues?
          Please send me the SR numbers ("...many incidents")  per eMail, so we can forward to our hardware department for a research.if y


          Please note, if you are running into such issues, open a SR for each incident, that´s the only way, things can be pushed ...




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            Thameera Dananjaya

            Dear Chrisrian,


            Sorry for the delayed reply. There are 4 incidents reported from 2 different sites where they have proper power establishment along with UPS supplies to individual workstations. Below are the SR numbers we opened for them.


            SR 3-21286571831 - MHR

            SR 3-21286173131 - MHR


            SR 3-21285800301 - Liquid Sky

            SR 3-21285800318 - Liquid Sky


            Thank you for the information and support.