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    Documerge to Documaker Conversion


      Hi All,


      We have some of the policy documents are currently composed in documerge , and some of our documents are composed using documaker 11.5 engine.


      Now for the documents that are composed in documerge  we like to get a .DAT file to feed to our server where documaker engine is running and compose the document.


      So what are the things we need to consider for achieving this.


      Any suggestion or inputs would help.

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          Oracle Documaker Studio has "Documerge to Documaker Tasks" under Conversion. One of the options is to "Extract EDL forms from VLAM Backup", and once the forms are extracted, you can use the Conversion Manager to convert the forms to Documaker sections.


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            A little background: Documerge processing is somewhat different from Documaker processing, but it shares some similarities. In Documerge processing, a custom component called a Variable Data Reformatter (VDR) is used to generate a Variable Reformatted File (VRF) file. The VDR is custom-built for every implementation and contains the form triggering and data mapping logic. In some implementations, logic is externalized into conditional processing tables (CPT). The Rulebase provides input to the VDR to determine form distributions. During VDR processing, the CPT and Rulebase and input (from extract data files or other sources) are used to generate the list of forms and recipients and mapped data in the VRF. The VRF is then fed to Documerge, which reads the VRF and locates the corresponding chains in the EDL and generates the necessary output. I'm simplifying this somewhat just to illustrate the next points.


            We usually consider three possibilities when discussing Documerge-to-Documaker migrations:

            • Tier 1 - Documerge resources are managed by Documaker Studio. This isn't really a migration, just a different toolset used to compose Documerge EDL resources. The overall process flow remains the same (VDR->VRF->Documerge).
            • Tier 2 - The VRF is still generated by the VDR, but instead the VRF is sent to Documaker for processing. This migration involves converting the EDL resources into Documaker resources (there are conversion tools in Documaker that do this) and then creating the triggering and mapping rules in Documaker to read and process the VRF. A Documerge license is still used here because the VDR uses Documerge APIs to generate the VRF.
            • Tier 3 - The logic in the VDR/CPT/Rulebase is rewritten as Documaker mapping/triggering logic. The input to the VDR is changed to input to Documaker. No Documerge components are used.


            It sounds like you're starting down the path for a Tier 2 migration. As KDL said, there are conversion tools that support the migration process for form resources, but the remainder of the Tier 2 work cannot be automated as you will have to build the triggering/mapping rules to operate with the VRF as input. We have decades of experience doing this work in consulting, so please reach out if we can help.