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    Generate PDF and PS for the same recipient


      I am trying to configure ODSE 12.6 to generate both a PDF and PS file for each Recipient. I followed this thread community.oracle.com/message/12431775#12431775 (I left the https:// off because the link gets blocked).


      I have one recipient (PRIMARY)

      < BatchingByRecip >

          Batch_Recip_Def          = TRUE;"BATCH1";PRIMARY

          Batch_Recip_Def          = TRUE;"BATCH2";PRIMARY

          DefaultBatch                 = ERROR


      BATCH1 produces a PDF; BATCH2 produces a PS file. It's my understanding that when DM finds a match in BATCH1, it does not continue to test to see if it fits in BATCH2 also.


      Maybe I am thinking about this incorrectly? I just need each transaction to be generate both a PS ad PDF file.




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          I believe your understanding is correct, a recipient can only be routed to a batch once. To get around this, you can do a copy of BATCH1.BCH to BATCH2.BCH in between Gendata and Genprint. Genprint will then process BATCH1 as PDF and BATCH2 as PS.

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            Mr Peabody-Oracle

            If you are using GenPrint to do your print (and not single-step GenData), you can do a little slight-of-hand to accomplish this. Essentially, you can define a dummy batch that happens to point to the same physical batch file as defined for you earlier and then have that batch print to a different printer.


            For instance, you probably have an INI group defined something like the following.  Yours may or may not include other batches since you may not have listed them all.

            < PRINT_BATCHES >

               Batch1 = batch1.bch

               DEFAULT = default.bch


            You could add another one that also points to batch1.bch like this: (

            < PRINT_BATCHES >

               Batch1 = batch1.bch

               BatchX = batch1.bch

               DEFAULT = default.bch

            In your case, you may simply be able to say Batch2=batch1.bch, but I didn't want to presume that. I think it is helpful to name this odd batch as something that would not be confused with your normal batches.


            Then you would add the corresponding section that associates the batch to a printer. In your case, you may already have the printer defined as Printer2. I'll continue with the 'X' notation.


            < Batch1 >

               Printer = Printer1

            < BATCHX >

               Printer = PrinterX


            Then you would add the printer group to point to the desired print driver definition.

            < PrinterX >

               PrtType = PS

               PORT = data\mypostscript.ps


            Finally, you want to make sure you have the correct designation of PrinterX in the PrinterInfo group.


            < PrinterInfo >

               Printer = Printer1

               Printer = PrinterX

               Printer = PDEFAULT


            I believe when you run GenPrint now, it will look at the list of batches and process them one at a time. Because the two batches point to the same file, this means you will get two outputs from a single bch.


            This does not work in Gendata single-step print because the system "knows" that it did not write anything to BatchX, since it prints as it goes. The separate GenPrint step doesn't know how the transactions got into the batch and therefore can be fooled into doing the extra work for you.