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    view all concurrent requests on EBS 12.1.3



      Please advise how I can view all concurrent manager requests on system by all users,

      Thank you

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          Maaz Khan



          You can logon to front-end using System Administrator responsibility

          Click on Concurrent -> Requests, once below form is launched, you can check all requests run by all users for by default 7 days.





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            Hi maaz,

            This will show only my requests, I need to view for all users who submit request today .



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              Maaz Khan

              Hi Nadia,


              Yes, you are right, there are some additional steps we need to perform in r12.

              Please refer below -

              R12 View Concurrent Requests FAQ (Doc ID 1261985.1)


              Exact steps will require detail understanding of RBAC in r12. this was earlier controlled by a profile in 11i.


              Concurrent Processing Settings for R12 UMX Role Based Access Control And Profile Option "Concurrent Report Access Level" (Doc ID 736547.1)




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                Maaz Khan

                Hi Nadia,


                I tried below steps in test environment -

                1. Created a custom instance set on object - Concurrent Requests using Functional Developer Responsibility

                2. Used predicate -

                &TABLE_ALIAS.request_id in
                ( select cr.request_id from fnd_concurrent_requests cr, fnd_concurrent_programs cp where cr.concurrent_program_id = cp.concurrent_program_id and cr.program_application_id = cp.application_id)
                3. Under User Management -> Role & Inheritance , created a new role

                4. Created custom Grant as follows -

                --> Data Context ->Type-> Instance Set(created in step1)

                Permission set as - 'Request Operations'
                5. Assigned newly assigned role to user and I observed below changes -

                a. When using System Administrator -> View Requests -> View Output was enabled

                b. When using System Administrator -> Concurrent -> Request -> View Output was still not Enabled


                Again, after completing use-case, I did not observe Requestor details of other users under -

                System Administrator -> Concurrent -> All My Requests -> Find


                One more way to get details is using below simple query -

                Below will fetch you for all users when running with apps user.



                select USER_CONCURRENT_PROGRAM_NAME,REQUESTOR,fr.responsibility_name,phase_code,status_code,REQUEST_ID,


                from FND_CONC_REQ_SUMMARY_V fv,fnd_responsibility_tl fr

                where fr.responsibility_id=fv.responsibility_id

                and request_date >= trunc(sysdate-1);


                Concluding, you can have a custom report created assigned to a request group which will give you relevant details. You can have date as argument as well.



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