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    TimerService in a Weblogic cluster


      We have a TimerService in a Weblogic cluster with two servers. This is configured according to the chapter “4.6.6 Configuring Clustered EJB Timers” in the following document: https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/12213/wls/EJBAD/EJBAD.pdf. Including defining and configuring WEBLOGIC_TIMERS and ACTIVE tables.

      If we look in the ACTIVE (leasing) table in the database we see a timer master row that indicates which server in the cluster that is the master for the TimerService.  We can also see a row in this table identifying a SINGLETON_MASTER.

      If the master server is stopped , the timer master row in the ACTIVE table disappears, and the TimerMaster service is not migrating to the second server.  However, the SINGLETON_MASTER has been migrated.

      If we start the first server again, timers will be triggered, and the timer master row is present in the ACTIVE table again.

      Anyone that know what can be the issue? Bug, misconfiguration?