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    Suppliers Balance Report




      Supplier Balances Detail

      Supplier Balances Detail (180)

      Supplier Balances Summary

      Supplier Account Balance Detail

      Supplier Account Balance Detail (180)


      i need to   add these reports to my request group , it's not  available ,

      or is there a request to show all suppliers balances





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          The following reports:

          Supplier Balances Detail Report - JGZZVSLD
          Supplier Balances Summary Report - JGZZVSLS
          Supplier Account Balance Detail Report - JGZZVSLN


          are made obsoleted in R12.


          These are replaced by the new SLA reports, which are XML oriented:

          Global Third Party Balances Summary Report (JGSLATPSBL)
          Global Third Party Detail and Balances Report (JGSLATPDBL)
          Global Third Party Account Balance Report (JGSLATPABL)

          How To Use Supplier Balance and Account Balance reports (JGZZVSLD, JGZZVSLS and JGZZVSLN) In R12 (Doc ID 1289815.1)