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    How to add own nodes to the SQL Developer Navigator Tree?


      I would like to extend my SQL Developer Navigator Tree to group my table names by prefix.


      The principle is easy realized in two SQL statements:


      select distinct

             -- prefix is separated by an underscore

             substr(t.table_name, 1, instr(t.table_name, '_')-1) as FOLDER

        from user_tables t;


      select 'SQLDEV:LINK:'

             || user

             || ':TABLE:'

             || t.table_name

             || ':oracle.dbtools.raptor.controls.grid.DefaultDrillLink' as TABLE_NAME

           , user         SDEV_LINK_OWNER

           , table_name   SDEV_LINK_NAME

           , 'TABLE'      SDEV_LINK_TYPE

        from user_tables t

        where t.table_name like :FOLDER || '\_%' escape '\'

        order by t.table_name;


      Now I wanted to configure this as a User Defined Extensions, but unfortunately I am not able to find resources explaining how to write/configure such a navigator extension.


      Some websites referencing to the old Oracle Wiki, but it seems it ceased to exist.

      Especially I was looking for these pages:

      - https://wikis.oracle.com/display/oraclesqldeveloper/SQL+Developer+SDK+How+To%27s

      - http://wiki.oracle.com/page/SQL+Dev+SDK%3AHow+To+add+a+new+sub+folder+to+the+database+navigator


      Does anybody know where to find such information, to extend the navigator tree (not editor tabs or context menu) via User Defined Extensions? Or where the wiki can be found?