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    Which user is using Tools->Communicate on a PO


      Is there any way to tell what user generated a PO to a supplier using Tools->Communicate?  It creates a workflow, but the "Owned By" field in the workflow is blank.  We are trying to track down an issue where POs that don't really need to be sent are getting sent out to the suppliers.  I suspect we have a rogue user that doesn't know what they are doing but need a way to prove it.

      This is on 12.2.8

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          Prateek Mohan

          Okay I now have an answer to this. When user performs Tools > Communicate, it invokes a POAPPRV workflow with root activity "RECEIVE_NOTIFY_REQUESTER_EVENT"

          It then triggers two sub-workflows of POAPPRV type with root activity:

          a) EMAIL_PO_PDF - To send the document to requesting user

          b) NOTIFY_WEB_SUPPLIER_PROCESS - To send document to the suppliers


          There are 2 ways to check now:

          a) Check who email was sent to as part of EMAIL_PO_PDF workflow

          b) (Better Approach) - Run Diagnostics Test "Workflow Item Details" for the POAPPRV workflow with NOTIFY_WEB_SUPPLIER_PROCESS root activity and locate the value of USER_ID attribute.

                                             (You may get this from querying APPLSYS.wf_item_attribute_values as well)


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