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    dg4odbc for Gateway; hsodbc for Heterogenious service Which one do I want?




      Were using Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release We're connecting to a MYSQL 8.0.16.


      I'm adding my entry into the listener.ora file.


      I noticed there are two options for adding the program name.


      In one instance you add hsodbc as the value for program. You set your SID name to the name of your DSN.  This is for Heterogeneous service.






      In another instance you add dg4odbc as the value for program. You set the SID to the value of the Gateway SID. (Is this the same values as your Database SID?) This is for an Oracle Gateway Connection






      I'm doing a local connection from a local Oracle Database to a local MYSQL database.


      Which one of the above options is preferable. Also is the gateway_sid in the second option just the regular database SID?


      Also this test is leading up to connections  bigger on a bigger where we're going to be creating connection links between non-Oracle databases all sitting on separate Linux servers as well as connections between Oracle and non-Oracle Databases.

      Which one of the above options is preferable in this case Oracle Gateway or Heterogeneous services?


      Thanks in advance.