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    Oracle Financials 12.1.3 integration options


      I am a custom software developer but I have zero experience with Oracle.


      I am interested in doing an integration for a client that has "Oracle Financials 12.1.3 On Premise" (which I think refers to a module in "E-Business Suite" or "EBS")


      The primary goal of the integration is to automate the entry of purchase orders and the corresponding supplier invoices from a separate software system to Oracle, a task which is currently entirely manually.


      When I asked IT if there was a REST API, they said no, and when I asked for more info about integration options, they said data would be "in a specific format with a header and detail record" and normally transferred by SFTP.


      What would this "specific format" be and where is it documented?


      Is SFTP really likely to be my best option to communicate? Yikes... How does that generally work? I drop the file, then after a delay for processing, would I go back to the same SFTP directory to find a result report?


      I'm looking for a bit of an overview that would help me better understand my options, or at least help me know what questions to ask. Thanks for any direction you can provide to this newb!