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    Always Free Autonomous Database, further information after registration -  when?



      maybe some here can help me out with a hint.

      I just registered for Always Free Autonomous Database.

      It was mentioned that I will get an email within the next 15 minutes containing further information how to proceed.

      Now, more than two hours later still no email - and the "Chatter" is a robot... a human being is not available.


      What am I supposed to make of it?





      Follow up:

      After more then three hours I got the email.

      (Remember it was said 15 minutes)


      However I'm not able to log in.

      I'm getting  a message that my username or password are incorrect.

      Beside the fact, that I'm sure both *is* correct, I choosed to use the reset password function.

      By now again waiting to that email...for more then 30 minutes.

      Guys, having fun is different...

      Let's see when the Clound (email-)postman takes his next roundtrip...


      2. Follow up:

      A second attempt was needed and and worked in the end.

      No idea why the first did not.

      However it seems things are somewhat complicated...

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          South East Asia region? It looks like pretty much everything is dead.



          I never got a sign up email, didn't even get an sms verification code, had to talk to support and they just gave me the number. Spent all day trying over and over again to create a database, then another 2 days to create APEX. SQL web has never worked. I got one application to work, but last 3 days, I can't access the dev environment, though the app itself is still accessible to use. And today, I can only get into previous apps that are already created, I cant create any new ones.