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    Trying to get a manual MySQL backup fails




      Trying to get a manual mysql backup of OVM Manager 3.4.6 fails with the following message:


      InnoDB: End of page dump

      2019-09-30 18:53:51 7f48b61fc700 InnoDB: uncompressed page, stored checksum in field1 1866742393, calculated checksums for field1: crc32 482064424, innodb 239584861, none 3735928559, stored checksum in field2 1213163106, calculated checksums for field2: crc32 482064424, innodb 1149681081, none 3735928559, page LSN 805512256 2290766354, low 4 bytes of LSN at page end 1202988779, page number (if stored to page already) 1683940418, space id (if created with >= MySQL-4.1.1 and stored already) 1976523674

      mysqlbackup: WARNING: The value of 'innodb_checksum_algorithm' option provided to mysqlbackup might be incompatible with server config.


      mysqlbackup: ERROR: Page at offset 6291456 in /u01/app/oracle/mysql/data/ovs/Mgr_InternalJob.ibd seems corrupt!


      mysqlbackup failed with errors!

      ... [Mon Sep 30 18:54:15 CST 2019]


      I can see that auto backup is not working, no backup is found under the path where they should be.


      Any suggestion ?