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    Can Reports Be Run From Command Line?


      We have an MRL that is badly in need of being cleaned up.  For instance we need to update a graphic.  What we will likely do is replace the existing graphic; however, we still want to ensure it is tested on every form that makes use of it.  To determine which forms we need to test we attempted to run an impact report.  The problem is that the graphic was found in 270 sections (the vast majority of which I'm sure aren't used).  When this report attempts to find the forms that the sections are on it crashes Studio.


      So I ran the report until it found all sections and then stopped it.  So now I have a list of all 270 sections that use the graphic.  I can manually run 270 reports determining which sections are used, but that is a lot of extra overhead on my part to run all of those.  I'm wondering if it is possible to run the impact report from the command line.  If so I could write a script that runs an impact report for each section that references the graphic.  Is this possible?

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          Unfortunately, it is not possible to run the reports from the command line at this time. I was able to write a PowerShell script that approximates this functionality; you can find it over on my GitHub repository with basic instructions.


          Given a LOG file to search for, it will discover the FAPs which reference the LOG, and FORs which reference those FAPs. Output is given to a file like this, and indicates the FAP and FOR references with version/revision details:


          Search for CEOSIG (LOG) started on Friday 10/11/2019 17:07

          CEOSIG located in SIGNATURE JONES (00001.00001)

          SIGNATURE JONES located in:

            AM-472 (FOR) 00001.00001

            AM-LI-9642 (FOR) 00001.00001

            LI-529 (FOR) 00001.00001

            LIFE WELCOME (FOR) 00001.00001

            LIFE-WELCOME (FOR) 00001.00001

            MI-2876 (FOR) 00001.00001

            PA-5921 (FOR) 00001.00001


            UL APPLICATION RESPONSE (FOR) 00001.00001

          Finished on Friday 10/11/2019 17:07


          Hope this helps!




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            I'm not sure how I missed this reply earlier, but I finally saw it at the end of the day yesterday.  It took a little bit for me to figure out how to configure it for our environment but once I had that setup it works like a charm!  Thanks so much for this!